2015-08-22 House Finished Inside & Out

And Interior Decorated

This is the last page but it has the most photos, 18 of 'em to be exact.  Most photos are of the
inside.  Linda took them to show her decorations after painting the inside of the house.

Here's one of the dining room table.

Photo #2 of the dining room.

Photo #3 of the dining room.  Now let's move on.

Here are four photos she took of the living room.  This one is photo #1.

Here's the second one.  Notice the lighthouse.  You'll see more of those.

Here's photo #3 of the living room.  Notice the seagull and seashells.

If you haven't figured out what her theme is yet, this should be a dead giveaway!

Here's the guest bath.  More lighthouses.

Guest bath, photo #2

Master bath

Master bath, second photo.  The bright colors remind you of the beach.

Master bedroom

Master bedroom.  That's Linda's dulcimer hanging on the wall.

Laundry.  I love the way she organized everything!


Last but not least is the guest bedroom.  This doubles as my music room.  It's not Linda's
favorite room in the house but I like the way she put boats and lighthouses to decorate.

It was cool the way she did this.  She waited until I had to be out of town for a weekend
then painted, decorated, and surprised me with it by the time I returned.

Last inside photo.  Linda likes this least of all but she kept my treasured photos of my band
along with some signs and other stuff I like.  The "Fender" sign is mine.  All other decor was
her idea.  She's obviously a lot more creative than I am.

I'm only posting 2 photos of the exterior but that ought to be enough to show the finished look.

Last photo.  I hope you've enjoyed them.

~ END ~