2015-08-14 Chimney  and Roof Repair

The weather finally cleared about a month and a half later.  Israel returned to make the final repairs.
The first thing he did was paint the facia he had repaired earlier.

Next he had to climb up on the roof.

The corner was spongy where water had leaked underneath.

This is the way the shingles should have looked.  Unfortunately, the first roofer didn't let the
shingles overhang this far in 2009 and water ran under them at the edge.

Israel tore off the old shingles, repaired as much of the damage as he could, and replaced the
shingles with some that matched as closely as we could get them.  Since this is toward the back
of the house, I wasn't worried about it.  We'll have to replace this whole roof in about another
10 years anyway.

The biggest thing I was worried about was the chimney.  When the roofer replaced the roof for
Glen in 2009, he refused to replace the asphault roofing covering the chimney.  He claimed it
was a fire hazard.  The truth was, it was in such terrible shape he didn't want to touch it.  It's
been leaking for years.

Here's the mess Israel found and photographed for me in July.  The roofing didn't have any
overhang at all in spots and was improperly calked with clear silicone.  There was no flashing at all
so that rain water sat in a depression in the middle and slowly leaked down the chimney stack.

Israel had repaired the bottom in 2009.  Now it was past time to repair the top.  After he
removed the pipe, he discovered the decking for the chimney was rotted and bowed in the
middle.  He removed it and replaced the celing joists underneath.

He cut new decking and installed it.  He covered it with new roofing with the proper overhang then
properly flashed all around the stack.  It's rained heavily several times since then but we've not heard
the tell-tell "drip-drip-drip" we've been hearing in the chimney since we moved here.  It's finally gone.

After working in the hot sun on the roof in 90 degree temperatures all day, it was time for him
and his girls to have a much deserved pool party.

~ END ~