2012-08-04 Bedrooms Painted

A year and a half ago I had to replace the faucet for the guest bath.  The only way to access the plumbing was through the guest bedroom wall.  I fixed this temporary cover for the access hole.  When we began this renovation it was time to replace the panel.

We had forgotten that we sprayed two coats of Kilz primer throughout the house before we painted the first time.  Linda applied latex paint directly to the slick paneling surface and it just bubbled up.  She had to scrape it off after it dried and start over.  It literally peeled off like an onion skin.  Here it is in the trash.

A coat of Kilz primer and the paint (right side of new panel) covers nicely with one coat.

There was a slightly damaged wall in the master bedroom.

You almost can't see it.  Here it is in closeup.  I had a sheet of paneling left over.  Since we were replacing paneling anyway, I decided to use the remaining sheet to replace this panel.

Panel replace...

... and primed.  We learned our lesson the first time.

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