2012-07-27 Painting the Bathrooms

Linda chose green for the bathrooms.  At my age, I spend a lot of time there.  Might as well have my favorite color.

She was still painting the guest bath in the photo above.  Today it was finished and ready to put back in service.
We still need to do something about the dated, blue countertop but that will have to wait on more pressing things.

She finished painting the master bath today, all but the trim around the garden tub.

The comode stall still needs paint.  It gives a good contrast between the old blue and the new green.

Here's a study in what's called "colorcast" in photographer's jargon.  In the old days before digital film editing, photographers had to use filters to avoid this.  The green on this master bath lav wall is the exact same color green as in all the other photos.  But it shows up much darker because of the lighting.  This can be corrected in-camera or with photo editing software by removing the colorcast caused by the artificial light.

I know the photo below has nothing to do with home improvements.  I just wanted to show we have plenty of other things vying for our time, like the lawn.  This ditch in front of my house is a royal pain to keep trimmed.  I found an easy solution that's very effective if not attractive.  I just got out the old weed trimmer and worked on the ditch 'til it was neat.  Then I bought a gallon jug of Round-Up and used it all on the ditch.  The weed and grass killer comes in a premixed container with a pump and spray nozzle.  It cost about $15.  One container treated the entire ditch and kept me from also having to by a $25 sprayer that I could only use for weed killers.  This photo was taken just one day after spraying.

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