2012-07-24 Bookcase & Office

Linda chose to paint the bookcase white.  It was formerly beige or tan, same color as the walls.  The new semi-gloss paint does it justice.  I think it really compliments the barn red window seat below.  Linda can pick some great colors.

When it came time to paint the office, she asked me, "What color do you want this to be?"  I immediately said, "Yellow!"  She smiled a broad smile.  She said, "That's what I was thinking."

Linda won't let me near a paint brush and for good reason.  Neighbors 3 blocks away complain about flying paint whenever I get near a can of the stuff.  You can really tell how the yellow brightens the wall.

With her desk removed, the new yellow looks as cheerful and bright as we had hoped.

The lighting in this photo doesn't do the yellow justice but you get the idea.  After I remounted our desks to the wall, the color was perfect, just what we wanted.  In case you don't recall, our desks are made of 3/4" birch plywood anchored to a ledger board on the wall.  They wrap around and give us tons of room for doing family research and other office tasks.

Speaking of tasks, one remaining task for the day was to mount our new flag and flagpole on the front of the house.  We live near a military base where the planes often break the sound barrier when they fly over.  When I hear the sonic boom, it makes me want to shout, "There's the sound of Freedom!"

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