2011-11-12 Snow Pigeons

Our next door neighbor told us pigeons were a problem on these balconies.  We haven't seen more than one at a time.  Even then it's only been for just a few seconds and they leave.  There's wire mesh to keep them from getting through the bars and there's a wire coil atop the railing to keep them from lighting.

Which is why I was surprised when I saw these two light this afternoon.

Sure it was cold out but it's always cold this time of year.  They seemed as though they were ugently seeking shelter.

One kept look at us watching them through the sliding door.  He must not have liked all the attention and left.

But the other stayed guarded by the wall against the wind which was picking up.  You know how they say and animal will know things before a human will.  That was the case here.  It had been gloomy all day with snow in the forecast.  These guys knew it was here.

And not long after the other bird left, here came the snow.  The one bird remained even after I opened the sliding door to take his picture.  But he was on the alert.  He didn't stick around long, just long enougn for the wind to die down.

It must not have been too much below freezing.  It seemed it took forever before the snow began to stick.

I recorded a video of the one remaining pigeon below
(click below to see the snow)

Soon as the snow slacked up a bit the one remaining bird left.

~ END ~