2011-11-02 New Apartment

During our last mission in Salt Lake City 2007-2008, we stayed 18 months in the Gardens Apartments.  
They are mostly cozy, adequate, and affordable 1 bedroom apartments.

While living there I washed our dirty clothes at the community laundry once a week for 18 months.  Taking laundry in inclement weather was difficult.  The stairs were hard to negotiate with a week's laundry so I purchased a wheeled cart for the purpose.

In our new place I was so grateful I no longer had to carry the laundry in the snow.  I prayed for those who still do.
Here's a photo of the Gardens Apartments from our new place.  The parking is in the open lot to the left.

We had to vacate our old apartment at the end of the month.  It would be a 5-day wait 'til we could move into our new place.  Some very generous friends gave us the use of their condominium.  We had a comfortable place to stay at the Kimball Condos.  They're just half a block from where we serve our mission.

The condo we stayed in was a very generous 1 bedroom suite.  It had an ample kitchen.

There was a large bedroom with a king sized bed.

There was a walk-in shower in the bathroom.  Adjacent to the bedroom was a jacuzzi.

After 5 days we were allowed to enter our new (furnished) apartment.  It was something of a minor miracle.  We were waiting on the carpets to be cleaned when the mission's hard-working housing director came to me.  She said, "You must be living right."  I asked, "Why?"  She said, "Because I have 7 apartments waiting on them to clean the carpets and yours is the only one that's been cleaned.  You're ready to move in whenever you want."  We were able to move in that day.

When I took these photos we were still unpacking as you can see.  The photo above is the living room / dining room seen from the apartment entrance.  The photo below is the same room seen from the other direction.

Here's the kitchen, narrow but very nice with relatively new appliances and the quietest disposal we've ever heard.  Nice lighting too.

There's a washer and dryer at the end of this hall!  No more hauling clothes in the snow to the laundry.

There's even a garbage chute behind a door in the hall.

The guest bedroom is roomy with a large closet.

The guest bathroom is smaller than our other place at the Gardens but still nice.

The master bedroom is cavernous.  And it has two large, side-by-side closets.

The his'n'hers vanity has plenty of room too and the master bath is isolated for privacy like our bathroom back in Georgia.

Here's a photo I took at night to show the large picture window that takes up the whole wall.

The view of the city from the balcony at night is really nice.  This scene shows the city in the distance, the Gardens Apartments closer in, and our new apartment's covered parking at the bottom of the photo.  The parking came in handy when we had to unload our first load of groceries in the rain and snow.

In closing I couldn't resist showing this photo of the sunset Linda took from our balcony.

~ END ~