April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

It should be obvious from these shots why I think Linda's photos are better than mine.  I just write the captions when she take pics.  These are just TOOOOO good.

No you don't!  You're not about to take MY picture!!

Picture?  Sure, you can take my picture.  Why not.  For some reason, everyone wants my picture these days.

Ok, mom.  Just one more step.  But be careful.  It's ok, I gotcha.

Whoa!  What's this?

I can't wait to tell the guys about this one.  Just laying here for the takin'.  Man!  Am I gonna rack up.

The brave hunter stalks her prey.  A little closer...  a little closer now.  No sudden moves.  Very quietly.  Shhhhh!

"Hey, what are you kids doin' out there?", shouts Pa Bean.

Yep, there's always some bozo in every crowd, isn't there?  I almost had this one too before he started yellin'.

And a green one, and a blue one, and an orange one, and ...  Get away, Sis!  I found these first.

Aw, Sis!  You always get more than me.  What a bummer.

Oh, no.  You're not getting me to stick MY hand in there.  There might be a snake.  You got first.

Maybe if I just pretend she's mine I can drive off with her and no one will notice.

Yes, I know perfectly well there are no eggs in the back seat of this car, thank you.  I'm just practicin', I'll have you know.

Three brothers from another family of 11 children.  And would you believe it, 2 of them are our sons-in-law.  How lucky can ya get?

Egg hunt?  Where?

Finally all the little kids are out of the way.  Now it's finally our turn.  Here come the big guys!

Maybe so but we got more eggs!

Oh, oh, what's this?

Hooray for me!  I got the golden egg!

Just look at that haul.

I think it's out of film.  No, wait.  This is a digital camera.

Am I cute or what?

Your great-granddaughter's here.  You can start the party now.

My #1 son, the proud grandfather.

Never fear, Aunt Sarah's here.

Gosh, I do good work.

~ END ~