April 15, 2011

Photos of our House and Yard

Perhaps it was chance that I decided to take these most recent photos of our house in Georgia.  They proved to be the last photos I would take of it before we moved everything and rented it out prior to leaving for our mission in Utah.

I decided to take these photos with a wide-angle lens in natural light.  It seemed more like real life that way.  This is our office where we spent much of our time.

The hallway to our guest bedroom.

The guest bedroom where part of my guitar collection hung from the wall.

Our nice, large living room where family gatherings were never quite comfortable enough.

I'm thinking there's probably no family room large enough for 11 children and 27 grandchildren although we never all were able to get together in one place at the same time.  My piano is on the left and bookcase on the right.

Here's a better shot of the bookcase with it's window seat which always came in handy.

Our kitchen was obviously too small whenever many of the kids showed up.

But the little dining room came in handy for overflow.

Linda will kill me for not removing the dirty clothes before snapping this photo.

This is the front of the house.

This is the back of the house.

And this is our nice 12' X 28' storage shed with a lean-to attached.

When we got off our last mission we prayed for a home with two bathrooms, a large living room, and a little acreage so we'd have room to grow a garden if we wanted.  We got everything we wanted at an affordable price.  But be careful what you pray for.  We failed to consider that we're getting a little old to manage 2 acres of lawn with grass to cut every week during summer.

~ END ~