Feb. 13, 2011

Our 2011-02-13 Ward's 100th Anniversary

As an official unit of the church, our ward began as a Sunday School organized from members who had firmly established the church in this area a generation earlier.  We went through two other buildings in two different areas prior to this one.  Old photos of the construction of the current ward building were posted in the foyer for our ward's 100th anniversary.

Bishop Thompson (left) posed with his dad who was bishop when the current chapel was under construction.  His father was also insrumental in a significant increase in ward membership and attendence.

Former bishop Thompson (not related) helps organize the food tables.

Our sisters have created these tasty meals for our ward for generations.

I asked ward members to wave for this historic photo as I ignored a cardinal rule of taking good pictures -- never take action photos without proper lighting.  Too bad it's blurry.  But they'll remember this day, I'm sure.

My daughter helped the Relief Society president as they organized the desert table.

The crowd just kept a ' comin'!

Bishop Thompson wisely had members line up in two hallways to keep from getting too crowded.

Our Hispanic brethren in the ward are fortunate to have many interpreters.   But I don't think any interpretation is needed when food is being served.

~ END ~