Jan. 26, 2011

Pinewood Derby

Last I remember of a Pinewood Derby father was when my oldest son beat the socks off of every other competitor when he was a kid.  I had bought a scale that measured accurately to within a couple grams.  We drilled holes in the bottom rear of his car, placed the car upside down on the scale, and poured molten lead into the holes until the scale tipped to within a few grams of the maximum weight.  Then we carefully rounded all four plastic tires with emory cloth and coated the axles with graphite -- a sure fire winner!

Kids and their parents these days don't seem quite so competitive.  Then again, the racetrack they used at my grandsons' Pinewood Derby was state-of-the-art!

One of my grandsons displays his beautiful car.

Here's my other grandson with an equally beautiful car.

... And they're off!

~ END ~