2010-09-25 Old Barns in Georgia

We decided to take a day trip locally.  We just drove up the road a piece and kind of made a circle.  Linda was looking for an old barn she had seen.  We turned down this one road I've never noticed before.  When she showed me this one house she told the history behind it.

Here's the same house with Duane and Dickey (that famous band from Macon) playing in the front yard back in the day.  I found this old photo on the net.  It seems one of the band members lived in this house and loved for the band to practice there.  But there's more to this story...

I found the same house in a photo book of the area.  It seems this is also the oldest house in the county, built in 1823.  It also happens to be the birthplace of the founder of the local college.
Keep scrolling for my other photos of what we saw on our day trip.

Oldest house in the county

Linda never did find the old barn she was looking for so we photographed this one that's right on the highway near our house.

It's kind of a nice looking old barn that's still in use I think.

On the way up the road we passed her mom's house.  Some folks have built this humble hut in the woods across the road.  I took this as we drove past it.

This is farm country.  Don't ask me what crop this is but there are lots of fields.

And people love old tractors.  Neat display.

This is a better look at the old gas pump.

If they don't want anything else, people plant hay.

Here's another little humble abode we passed on our day trip.

This isn't an old place but it had the color of an old place.

Then again, there are a few really old places.   This dates to antebellum times.

Before our trip ended there were distant clouds in the Indian Summer sky that made for some stunning rays of sunshine.

We stopped for Bar-B-Que at this place.  There were a couple of little "fraidie cat" kittens out front that were adorable.  As we sat in the rocking chairs in front it wasn't hard to bribe the kitties into being a little more friendly.  I just kept sharing my sandwich with them.  They came around and even licked my fingers.

One last shot was this little place across the road by a cotton field.  Good photo to end the day with, doncha think?

Until next time...

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