2010-03-29 yard work & a new weedeater

Sometimes a web page is better than email to get a message to friends and family even if it's a little less personal.

Linda and I haven't had the time or energy to get outdoors lately.  Weather hasn't been cooperative.  Sunday she prayed that we'd have the energy to work outside today.  Her prayers were answered.  Today, we were both full of energy and the weather was sunny and nice.

Our sweet daughter-in-law, Andrea, gave us a flower.  It was so pretty we put it on the front porch to greet family and friends as they arrive.  It got us thinking more about how much attention our yard needs.

I have two weed trimmers, a small, crook-neck trimmer, and a powerful straight-neck trimmer.  Problem is, the straight-neck trimmer has given me trouble since I bought it in 2006.  It's never run more than 30 minutes without shutting down.  After that you couldn't beg it to start.  I've had several people look at it including the dealer.  None have been able to find and fix the problem.

The folks at Dixie Outdoor Equipment came to the rescue.  They took my old 22cc Shindawai trimmer in trade and gave me a powerful new 26.5cc Red Max that takes a brush cutter blade as well as a commercial weed eater spool.  It's a commercial grade trimmer with a 2 year warranty.

I had a lot of yard work done a few months back.  It's rained so much since then that the work was never finished.  So there are places where lots of roots protrude from the ground amongst the weeks. 
I was amazed at how effective the blade was amongst roots and thick weeds.

The Red Max bush blade sliced through the roots along with the weeds almost as if they weren't there.

While I was busy with the new weed eater, Linda was busy pruning trees and shrubs.  Here's what her roses looked like last summer.

She really trimmed them back this time.  You can see them in the distance behind the tree and to the right of the pool.  The tree in front is a crape myrtle.  We have several of them in our front yard and one in the back.  Linda pruned the crape myrtles and thinned them well.

Crape Myrtles have a beautiful flower.  Here's a photo we took of one last summer.

We had large pampas grass which we moved several months ago and planted them along the property line.

We haven't done much with Linda's day lillies I bought her for her birthday last August except plant and weed them.  She weeded them the other day, so this time I bought some extra pine straw mulch.

I got extra mulch so we would have enough for all the trees in the front yard.  After I unloaded it Linda spread it out while I was cutting thick limbs with the chain saw and hauling wheel barrow loads to the back yard for burning.

That concludes today's broadcast, kiddies.  Tune in tomorrow, same time, same station, for another exciting episode of "Ron & Linda's Aching Backs."

~ END ~