Linda's decorating while I was gone (with a few before and after phots)

I took off to Alabama Tuesday and Wednesday (11-24 & 25) for John, Adam, and I to take my grandson
guitar store hopping.  More on that later.

While I was gone, Linda did some decorating.  You can see why.  Here's what her office desk looked like ...

And here's what mine looked like.  Hmmm.  Not quite a neat, is it?

I like her changes.  She put my kids' granduations pictures on the wall above my desk the straightened and arranged all my other photos, books, and stuff.  Looks a lot better to me.  But that's not all she did.

Here's the dining room wall from which I recently removed my guitar collection.
She mounted a quilt rack on it and hung a quilt her mom gave us for a wedding present.

Here's where we put the guitar colleciton, in the guest bedroom.  So if you've spent the night in this room you'll see how different it looks now.  The the framed scenes on the wall are photos we took on trips out west.

Here's another view of the guitar collection.  No, it's not all of them, but I'm in the process of reducing the collection of electric guitars so I can hang more of my acoustic instruments in this room.  Linda didn't have a stand for the TV so she used my bass amp.

Then she put my recording gear on the opposite wall along with my guitar amp and other stuff.

~ END ~