Easter 2009

After church some went home to get tables and chairs and change clothes while others went to get food to bring.  Then everyone began to collect in our living room.

Some just looked pretty...

While others looked pretty happy...

And still others looked pretty busy.

Some busied themselves preparing the food...

And some busied themselves with other things.

I called everyone together so we could pray over our food.  First I gave a few instructions then told them why we celebrate Easter.  I gave them an example of one of our grandchildren getting in trouble while another of them was willing to take the punishment.  I told them that's sort of what our Savior did when He atoned for our sins except that He did for everyone what we could not do for ourselves. 

After that I explained to them that without Easter there would have been no Christmas.  Then we offered a blessing on the food, prepared our plates and went outside where the tables and chairs were set up.

Some ate their food politely.

And some gobbled it down it was sooooo good!

I asked everyone to wave at the camera.

Everyone was happy to oblige.

We got a great photo of Linda and her children.

Then we asked all the kids to step outside so we could photograph them all.  9 of our 11 children were able to be there.

Here's the whole crowd with our children, their spouses, and children.  Not all are in the photo.  Altogether, we have 11 children, 23 grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild, and 3 grandchildren "in the oven."  By the end of the year there will be 48 of us including our children's spouses.

After dinner the adults and older children hid eggs for the youngsters to find afterward.  I especially enjoyed hiding the "golden" egg (with a $5 bill inside).  Thanks to whoever donated the money.

Some had to leave after dinner.  We're most grateful they came even though some had to drive for several hours and work that night.  For those of us who were able to stick around, we played games in the yard and had a great time.

We hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

~ END ~