2009-04-07 Office Reconstruction

I call this one "Rambo Ron."

I made 2 built-in desks like this, one for me and one for Linda.  It's pretty simple, just a sheet of birch plywood ripped down the middle.  I used 4 feet from 1/2 a sheet for the "L" and the other half of that part-sheet for the upright corner.  The remaining half a sheet, 2' X 8' is the part I'm nailing down here.

We bought 2, cheap wooden file cabinets at Wally World and used them to support one end.  In this photo I'm using both files temporarily.  You'll see the change in the next photo.

Here's a photo of the (almost) finished product with a file cabinet holding up one end of the "L".

Here's a wide-angle shot of both desks.  I still have to glue/nail on the edge trim and back moulding but you get the idea.  I think the stain and finish Linda put on them looks pretty good.

~ END ~