2009-04-02 Ducks

We're in a low area here.  When it rains, it floods.  Several homes (including ours) have wet weather puddles and ponds in the front yard.  They drain away when the rain ends but it's annoying until then.

So far, this area hasn't had any major floods.  Sometimes they have serious floods near the Ocmulgee River 20 minutes away but we're not near any major rivers

One thing we did see here is really interesting.  I never saw anything like this in Alabama.  That's because the part of Alabama I lived in was rather hilly.  Here it's basically flat with a few rolling hills in some areas.

Here's the intersting thing.  Look at our front yard...

No!  I mean look closer ...

Ok, maybe I should have said, "Look REALLY close to the left of that wet weather pond."

Yeah!  Now you're getting the idea.

These two little guys decided we had enough weather around here that they'd come for a visit.

Looks like not everyone is unhappy with the weather.

I guess it's official folks!  Sunny southern weather is gone like water off a duck's back.

~ END ~