2008-06-18 Trip to Cabelas

near Provo, UT

On our return trip from Manti, Utah, we saw this huge Cabela's Sportsman's store and decided to check it out.

I've seen some large Outdoor sports stores but this one was a real treat.

There were all type sof wildlife on display.

They had more trophy animals than I could count.

In the center rear of the store was this two-story, man-made mountain.

It was covered on every side by any kind of wildlife you could imagine.

Next was a wall full of trophy deer or elk (I never could tell them apart).

But what I enjoyed most was the armory.  Here's a collection of the largest center-fire shells ever made.

There was even a Gatling Gun for sale if you wanted one.

I've loved historic weapons since I was a kid.  While Linda looked through the clothing section I was in hog heaven here.

Of course there were pleanty of displays for fishermen too.

~ END ~