Spring Flowers on Temple Square

A cloth ground cover was placed over the gardens surround temple square last fall.  They were anticipating the first hard freeze.  For the gardners on temple square, grounds keeping is a year-round affair.  In winter months, when there are no flowers or trees to maintain, they blow out the sprinkler systems with dry air and begin hanging Christmas lights.  It takes from August to November to complete all the Christmas lights, then it's time to take them down again after just a few weeks.

It's so exciting to watch them prepare for spring.  The results of their efforts are nothing short of stunning.  This will be mostly a wordless web page.  The beauty speaks for itself.  I'll make a few comments on some of the photos Linda took.  I'm so grateful we have her photographic art to preserve our memories of this place.

Garden between the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (JSMB) and the Administration Building

Notice they even have flower boxes atop the A/C units in the background

Gardens between the JSMB and Administration buildings and the Church Office Building

Gardens outside the Beehive House, Brigham Young's historic home

The gardens are a favorite spot for the many photographers who visit temple square

Linda caught this interesting photo of a man in a green spring suit

The fountains add to the beauty of the garden flowers, mostly tulips until late spring

The tulips grow quite tall before they're clipped and removed.
This photo was taken about two weeks before the tulip bulbs were removed for the season.

After removal of the tulips, late spring flowers are planted

Here's what the above flower bed looked like after planting

And here's another "before" and "after" of a flower bed near where we work

Here's the same flower bed after planting

Of course all those beautiful flowers wouldn't grow to well in the native desert without much watering.
That doesn't mean the natural flora isn't beautiful, though.  Here's a desert flower bed to show what I mean.

Even the desert is beautiful in the springtime

The cacti grow in many shades of green and other colors along the walk to our apartment

I hope you've enjoyed this breath-of-spring flower walk
I hope my web page design does Linda's photography justice
And I hope you've enjoyed seeing the pictures as much as we enjoyed showing them

~ END ~