Our Anniversary

There was a stunning sunset.  My little Kodak camera didn't do it justice.
There are
really beautiful sunsets in the West.

As we reached the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, Linda pressed the
elevator button for the 10th floor then quickly snapped a photo of it while the button
was still lit.  The top floor is where two restaurants are.  We went to the better of the two.

The entry to "The Roof" restaurant is elegant with French doors and a wall fountain.

The menu is buffet style, all gourmet entrees, sides, and deserts.  All is included. 
drinks are extra.  No alcohol is served here.

Here's a closeup of the fountain.

We snapped photos of each other before the sun went down.  Linda had the camera first.

... Then it was my turn to be the photographer.

As you'll soon see, we took lots of photos out the window where the Salt Lake Temple
dominates the skyline.  The Roof restaurant is right beside the temple.

During the entire meal, great music was provided by a professional pianist on a glass-top
grand piano.

The table was decorated with a mood candle and decorative salt and pepper shakers.  The
water goblets gave a nice touch to this photo.

I ordered a flavored lemonade.  Linda got a soft drink.  Our entrees included poached salmon,
blackened tuna, flank steak, smoked ham, and prime rib.  My favorite sides were mixed
vegetables and garlic potatoes.  They had tons of desserts, from French pastries to mousse
in a glass.

We got our waiter to take our photo.

After the final course, we ordered hot chocolate!

While I was snapping pictures of the place Linda was enjoying the view.

It's really an elegant restaurant with linens and pretty decor everywhere.

Here's another photo of the corner where we sat.

And here's a closeup of one of the table settings.

After we left the restaurant and while we were still on the 10th floor, we had to get a
couple photos out the famous "10th Floor window."  Here's one of them.

... and here's a pic of the Plaza Hotel where we stayed back in May of this year when we
first arrived in Salt Lake City.  The Plaza in right next door to the Family History Library.

As we walked to the other end of the 10th floor, we saw this neat fountain.

Linda wanted me to get a shot of the mosaic ceiling above it.

Out the door on the ground floor, we walked across temple square and Linda took this pic.

I wanted a photo of the Tabernacle at night.  Doesn't this look cool?

Looking through the windows of the Tabernacle at night gives me a sense of being there.
Our mission choir, The Elijah Choir, performed here the Monday following our anniversary.

As I peered through the panes, I realized something I'd never noticed before.  Most of the glass panes
in the Tabernacle windows are 140
years years old, dating back to when the Tabernacle was built in 1867.

A photo of the North Visitor's Center shows the center piece second floor display of a
life-sized replica of the Christus, the famous statue of Christ.

Sorry this is a little blurry but zoomed night shots tend to be that way.  This shot is a
little closer.  The statue looms some 12 feet high throught the curved glass display
window on the 2nd floor of the visitor's center.

As we left temple square, we crossed the street to capture this night photo of the Library.

We also got this night shot of the museum next to the library.

Here's a closeup of the mural on the museum.  You can see the reliefs portraying the 1st
printing of the Book of Mormon, the restoration of the priesthood, and carrying the gospel
into all the world as well as depictions of the early pioneers.

As we neared our apartment, Linda took one final photo of the temple.

~ END ~