On Friday the 13th, we went a few blocks from the apartment up City Creek Canyon. Sister Vincent and I had never been there, but some friends had. They showed us the way.

You have to drive up capitol hill, North of where we live a few blocks (not far), then park the car and walk down the side of the hill. There's a canyon there that looks an awful lot like a city park. It's beautiful. There are statues and plaques all over the place dedicated to this and that.

There's a large pond and a paved road that winds its way toward Ensign Peak which is the park we went to a couple weeks ago. If any of you haven't seen those pictures, maybe we'll get them out soon.

Here's some of the vegetation along the roadside where we parked...

Our friends went on ahead as Linda paused to take a pic of us making
our way down the hill to the walk/jogging/biking trails.

Here's the roadway that's for bikes or pedestrian traffic only.

These are some of the gardens that line the street and the walkways
that lead down to it from above. Note the ivy covered wall.

Here's an old bell in the park. We didn't notice a plaque to go with it.

As we look around the park, you can see the city in the distance.

There's a pretty little pond lined that's drained toward the city. We
were told the water that flows down in front of the church's huge
conference center comes from the stream that feeds this pond.

Here's the rock-lined stream. There are paths on both sides.

We took a lot more photos but we didn't have Linda's big camera
with her. Instead we were using our little Kodak snapshot camera
and it's been a while since we operated it. So some of the photos
turned out too dark to see well.

Here, our friends are talking over a little problem with the wildlife.
We had split up and the one with the stick had just seen a water
snake. She was walking on a trail by the stream bed while the rest
of us walked higher up. After she saw the snake wriggling past, she
decided the stick would be a good idea until she made her way up
to the road where we met her.

We turned up the road that passes by Ensign peak.

Here's another example of one of the many walls and bridges that
line or cross the little stream.

The lady with the stick asked me to see what was at the top of this
staircase. I went up and her husband followed. We found there
was nothing at all up there. It was just a stone staircase leading
nowhere. Here we are coming back down.

There are many pretty but unusual structures in the park by the pond.
Here's one of them.

Here we are posed by the staircase leading up to where we parked
the car. The rest of the group posed while I took the shot. This was
the best I could do without a tripod. It was almost dark and our
little Kodak was set for a very slow shutter speed. Hard not to get
blurry photos without a tripod while the shutter is so slow. At least
you can see their smiling faces.

Here's one last pic of the Wasatch Mountains before we left the park.

Linda turned the camera around at my request and took this photo
of the Utah state capital (is it capitol or capital? I can never remember).
I tried to show her what a difference it would make if you changed
the settings. I took another pic that was almost identical and showed
her. Then I said, “Oh well, that's what I get!” Haha.

Well, you didn't get the exercise we got. We walked 2 miles. But at
least you got to see how pretty City Creek canyon is. I hope you
enjoyed going along with us.