2007-06-18 Mission Pioneer Picnic

Each June we celebrate the time when the Mormon Pioneers made their trek west.
This is how we celebrated it in the mission field near Salt Lake City, UT in the summer of 2007.
We all tried to dress in casual pioneer clothes and had a picnic in the famous This Is The Place Heritage Park.

Elder Wolverton - WWS Zone Leader

Sister Huff

The food was very good.


Elder Wolverton

Elders Redd & Ogden

Dear Sister Mendenhall on left now has terminal cancer.

President Halverson


Elders Fisher and Vincent

Sister Wolverton

The bowery

The Hansens

The Clantons passing out music sheets

He sometimes directed the choir.

Wolvertons sing

Sister Moffett

We all gather 'round to sing.

Sisters Clanton and Palmer

The Oshimas

They proudly display the watch I traded to him.

'This is the Place' pioneer village

Sister Clanton rests and waits to hear the entertainment

Elder and Sister Legge

Sisters White and Brinkerhoff

Sisters Cobb and Cooper

The Vincents

The Wolvertons

They enjoy a train tour

The Clantons

Elder Healey was in charge of buildings besides his regular shift in the Library.  He could barely hear from one ear and was almost completely deaf in the other.  You had to stand close, speak slowly, and shout into his hearing aids.  Still, he served a very fruitful mission and seemed to work harder than most of us.

The Givens

The Clantons

Sister Vincent

The train is empty but the memories are full.

~ END ~